Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Adios to my witch's little lair...

I am putting up the Halloween haven today and I thought I would share a few pictures o the witch's lair before it was carted off until next year. Hope ya'll had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
Now time to gear up for Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A little eye candy from the shop....

A little eye candy from the shop.
The family and I are in the Smokey Mountians. Loads of pictures to share from our trip when I return!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Back from BellaRustica

We are back from BellaRustica, and putting the shop back together. Only so we can mess it all up again for Country Living at the end of the month. Oh well, keeps me on my toes!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Feature Friday.....

I wanted to share with you this amazing artist!

Linda Pinda is a mixed-media/abstract artist who lives in the heart of southern New England. Linda's work often reflects her faith, love of children, and the wonder and whimsies of life. Her husband and business partner, Michael, is a musician. Together, they are raising six children in their humble home, which has come to be known as Glitter and Grunge Studio. Their children have all inherited musical and artistic talents, and every day becomes quite the melodic, beautiful mess.
The signature of Linda's work is the texture and grunginess, which represents for her all the gorgeous age and history of life and the world about her. But it is touched ever so gently with a hint of glitter representing light and love.

Linda's work can be found at

Doesn't she and her work
seems so very fascinating?
Run Check her out!

And tell her I sent ya!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

bathroom reno update....

An update on the bathroom renovation....

Slowly but surely.
I see showers in my very near future again.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Worth the wait.....

I finally got my light fixtures in
that I had ordered in February,
but were on back order until June!

I think they were worth the wait.
Not to mention the wait
was so long that I forgot about them.
So when they arrived it was like
Christmas morning!

I'm pretty happy with them.
I think they give the cottage more
of a costal feel.

  Next project for the exterior of the house
is new window boxes.
They are just too small for the window,
and need to be replaced,
but over all it is looking more and more
like I want it to.
Things at this cottage may
take longer to acomplish than I prefer,
but I'm ok with that because
My little cottage makes me smile.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog swap.....

While taking the Creatively Made E-course
from Jeanne Oliver,
a few of us got together to do an art/gift swap....
 This package with all this detail
arrived the other day from Pamla Klenczar,
and I just had to share it with you!
 You can check out Pamla's
amazing work at her blog the world of Pamla Klenczar.
And if all of her purchases are shipped out
with this much thought and effort
you can imagine how much thought and effort
she puts into her art work!
 This is the back of the package.
I love how even the back of the package
had a lovely little detail.
 Check out this amazing
 pen and ink drawing that
she made!
 She is so incredibly talented!
It amazes me when someone can
create something so detailed and life like.
 I tried to capture her talent
in my photos, but believe me when
I say that these photos do not do this
piece of art justice.
Here is a list of all the gals that participated in the swap:
Amber Zaccagni
(her blog address will be coming soon)
Brenda Geiger
Carolyn Carelton
Cathy Purcell
Christa Thomas
Deborah King
Jenna Alexander
Joanne Freeman
Kate Gadd
Lis Dunn
Lisa Lovestrand
Mikel Lyman
Renee Ortiz
Renee Sendelbach
Sheila Rumney
Stacey Curry

Check 'em out and,  
 tell them I sent ya'!