Thursday, June 17, 2010

craft room aspirations...

So, I am completely redoing my attic space
to become more of a room
than just a place to toss all of my junque!
So far, I have taken everything out,
repaired the flooring and
painted every square inch white
(including the new floor).
So, my next step was to design how to put it all back together,
and be able to function as a wrap area,
craft area, seasonal storage,
and any other storage need that pops up.
Unfortunately, I went to the web for inspiration...
I say unfortunately because I found inspiration all right!
A little too much inspiration!
I want my space to look exactly like these photos from country living.
However, I do not see my SMALL space functioning the way it needs to,
and looking this fabulous!
Now my head is spinning with ideas though, so....
I will update the progress of my room.
Hopefully, it will at least resemble these beauties a wee little bit!