Thursday, September 30, 2010

Remnants of a Country Living weekend...

Remnants of a Country Living weekend...
There was soooo much good stuff to see!
I was in a constant swooning state.
One-of-a-kind EVERYTHINGS!
Loved how they had thrown
some dirt and fake bones
in a shallow drawer for a spooky effect.
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays,
so I was loving the booths that had Halloween stuff.
These are button pins.
I will be making some of these for myself,
and possibly to sell at my shop.
This is an adorable booth with my friend Kristi shopping away.
She refused to have any pictures made of her,
so I had to sneak this one in!
Chick's Pick by Hillary booth.
I shop from her on-line, so I was sooo
excited to get to meet her.
She was so nice
and was telling me
how she had just gotten back from
a mission trip!
Love her!
More artisan jewelry...
So much talent!
Loved every single thing at this booth.
Walked away with nothing though,
because I seriously could not narrow it down.
And certainly could not afford everything I wanted.
I had to just walk away!
Talk about self-control!
I mean just look at her booth!
Yes, more of hers!
Love the pumpkins piled up, and the moss thrown in.
I think I will attempt this as well.
Dough bowls...
I walked away with two!
What was that about self-control again?
French market baskets...
aaahhh Heaven!
Loved these rain barrels
filled with bread boards and tools.
I. need. to . win. the. lottery!
I would spend some of my winnings on these lovelies!
And would not change a thing!
There is another Country Living Fair in Atlanta in October.
If there is ANY chance you can attend, I HIGHLY recommend it!
I think I will be a vendor there as well.
Come see me!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Country Living Fair...

Where I will be this weekend....
I could not be more excited!
Looking forward to booths like this... out door displays like this...
merchandising inspiration for my shop like this...
And a whole bunch of all this...
AAaaHHhh, Columbus, OH here I come!

Monday, September 20, 2010

My new, old, blue door

My new, old door...
Here is my new, old blue door
that has just moved in to my
casual & coastal family room.
I hung a great old photograph on it
of an old woman feeding ducks by a lake.
It is hanging on a hook that was actually
on the door when I got it.
It has great old chippy blue paint revealing
white paint under neath.
I absolutely adore it.
My husband is a little confused by it.
Initially when I bought it,
I was planning on hanging it over my sofa, long ways,
by the hinges and removing the door jam part.
However, I propped it up on the wall until I could get some help hanging it,
and as decorating fate would have it, I loved it there.
Especially because of the hook.
I am sure one day it might hang over the couch,
but for now it has found its new home.
The only part I am debating is if I should remove the door jam part...
What do you think?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

From a tiny acorn grows a mighty oak...

Hubby doing his impression of an oak tree....
I am sure you have heard the old saying,
"From a tiny acorn grows a mighty oak...
it is what is inside that counts."
Well, let me just say that hubby has inside what counts.
He is one of the greatest men I have ever had the privilege to meet.
He has what so many these days do not.
He has character, loyalty, perseverance, and the desire to always do what is right.
He has the heart of a warrior...
he was willing to give up over a year of his life to defend and protect this great county.
What a legacy to leave your children...a lesson of selflessness and bravery.
I know the transition home has to be difficult at times for him.
I can see it every once in a while.
But he has done it with such calm grace.
He tries to put me first, concerned with how I feel and how I am adjusting.
I look at him and know that he loves me.
Sometimes it literally takes my breath away...HE literally takes my breath away.
How did this happen to me?
How did I get so lucky?
What did I do to deserve this?
Whatever the answers, I just thank God for hubby...
I thank God for us...
I thank God for my mighty oak.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

adieu to summer....

Bidding adieu to summer....
Truely I will miss you,
and all that we do with you...
fishin' on the dock... watching the kiddos playing with the water hose....
getting dizzy on carnival rides....
thanking the Lord for the lush farm fields....
Saturday morning trips to the farmers markets...
admiring girls in white dresses....
longing for a gardener getaway....
goodbye summer...I feel fall nipping at my heels.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cabin livin'

Went to the mountains for Labor Day weekend....
WITHOUT children!!!
Now I am having cabin fever...
the kind that makes me crave some cabin decor.
Love this farm sink and island Love all the wood on the walls and ceiling
yummy coffee table and mantle
I would put this chandie with so many different room designs.
I. want. this. cabin....
No words needed for this bathroom....
Can I say nap please...
Aaahhh, cabin fever!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Newest addition to the LuLu family...

Some quick shots of the newest addition to the LuLu family....
Proudly announcing the opening of Little LuLu's!

Sanibel Island vacation part deux...

Precious little family of mine...
I am sure one of these photos will be this years Christmas card. Now just to narrow it down!