Monday, April 26, 2010

Farmer's Market...

My local farmer's market...
everything at this farmer's market is guaranteed to be local.
They are even inspected just to be sure they meet all the criteria to sell at the market.
Here are just a few samples from some of the vendors.
"Zutrav" Homemade Dog biscuits in shapes of
hydrants, bones, & racks of ribs
in all different flavors.
My dog's LOVE these treats!
Yummy smelling hand-made soaps, lotions, washes & lip balm
by Lazy B Farm
Love the eggs, salad & produce this farm brings...
Can not wait for more to be in season.
Love the eggs, salad & produce this farm brings...
Can not wait for more to be in season.
Hand crafted artisan cutting boards and furniture
by Wesley Page
He even makes the sweetest baby rattles!
Paintings by Falling Springs Flower Farm
visit her website
such a great booth!
A rosemary bush I nabbed for $25.
It is huge, and so aromatic!
going in the ground today between rains,
but the ground will be easy to dig in...
Will post some Spring pictures of the outside of the house & gardens soon.
If there is anything you see in these pictures that you are interested in let me know.
I am happy to pick them up & ship them to you.
Trust me you would not be disappointed.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

restoration hardware heart attack...

Have you seen the new Restoration Hardware catalog?
I got mine earlier this week, and put it in my pile of
"to get to later"
I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw their wares!
I want absolutely everything in every single picture,
and can afford absolutely nothing!
How did they know the inner desires of my little design heart?
So jealous
(but happy for of course)
of all the designer hearts
that will get to live with all these lovelies!
I mean just look at this floor lamp!
Just look at these french pillows!
Just look at this hand tied rug!
But the pièce de résistance:
This is a chest made to look like an old steamer! all cigar leather version!
Surely there is some way to convince hubby that we not only NEED this desk,
but that it is a good deal at over $3000!
And oh, my goodness,
are there really ANY words for how spectacular this chair is?
You all know how much I LOVE me some farmhouse style.
Well, they have a whole line titled "farmhouse"
I can run, but I can not hide!
They have found me.
Darn you budget!
Darn you restoration Hardware!

Sometimes it is ok to be a follower...

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I am so proud that I am learning how to use all this technology!
See ya' there!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I know that Easter is well over.
The baskets and bunnies have been stored away.
The eggs have been found and eaten....
....but I am just now getting around to
sharing my Easter picts with you.
As I posted in an earlier entry,
My hubby was able to be home with us for Easter
before returning to Afghanistan.
Such a blessing to wake up on Easter morning with my whole family,
To be able to worship in church with my whole family,
To eat Easter dinner with my whole family,
To celebrate a holiday with my whole family.
The Easter bunny brought my girls sock monkeys.
They were named Oso and Alley Easter morning bed heads...
The Easter egg hunt after Easter dinner
at my mom and dad's house.
My mom and Mary-Morgen hunting.
We started out calling my mom "Grandmother".
Of course little children have a hard time pronouncing grandmother,
so in an attempt at saying grandmother
my youngest daughter started calling her "Mugga".
So now, she is mugga to all grand and great grand children.
My nephew Ben on the hunt ....
Katie on the hunt...
Mary-Morgen on the hunt...
I love how Mary-Morgen looks like an Easter egg in her dress.
notice the pink Chuck Taylor high-tops with the dress.
my dad with Ben on the hunt...
My father also started out as "Grandfather"
and the same attempt made by the same little girl
lead to "FaFa".
Needless to say he is now known as fafa
to all grand and great grandchildren.
by the way my mom told me that they
found an egg yesterday that never got found.
{we use real eggs, so you can imagine the smell, at least in was outside}
part of the family in my mom's back yard on the hunt ...
could not take enough pictures this day....
Such precious memories,
made even more precious with hubby home.

Happy Spring!

He is risen!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Flea Market Style

I have not been to blogville for a while because
I have been on vacation with my hubby and girls.
I will be blogging about that soon,
but I had to blog about this first.
While we were in Hot Springs, NC
enjoying no cell phone service or Internet and each other,
I picked up a few magazines to kick back with.
One of those was the new Flea Market style.
And I am irrevocably addicted!
I am sure most of you savvy shoppers have already purchased this edition,
but if any of you have not....CHECK OUT THIS JEWEL!
My heart was palpitating at all the ideas and inspiration!
You should see my new "To Do" and "To Get" lists
Still kicking myself about not purchasing this magazine the second it hit the shelves!
And for anyone who is questioning the $10 price tag as I did....
trust me, soooo worth it!
Unfortunately for hubby, I think I have decided on a couple of new collections to hunt for.
Not replacing any old collections, mind you...
So, read on sister salvage sleuths, read on!