Monday, February 27, 2012

Matilda Jane e-bay!

I have some adult woman's
Matilda Jane pieces listed on e-bay.
You can check them out here and here

 I am also hosting a trunk show
for the new Serendipity line
release one and two
on Thursday, March the 1st
from 5-7 at my house.

If you live in the area
and want to come,
message me and I will give you
my address and all the details.

They offer women's, children's,
and back by popular demand boy's clothing.

You can also shop on-line and
message me with your order.
Unfortunately, you can not place orders
outside of a trunk show.
Click here to check out the line.

Happy shopping!
Hope to see you on Thursday night!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

lavender love...

I have been on a color kick lately.
{I painted the family room navy}
{{picts coming soon!}}

I am starting to think about Spring
and plants and our back yard entertaining area.

So, I naturally started thinking about lavender.
It is one of my favorite plants,
and since we put a fence in this winter
I will have to plant some of it by the garden gates.

Then I started thinking about
lavender in the home.

I have never used it inside.
But after checking out some
of these interiors I can see why some people do!
I love it when people paint the wood work
the same bold color as the walls.
Purple is the color of royalty.
And this lounge screams royal luxury.
Doesn't this look like the way
a French apartment bedroom
would be decorated?
I want NEED this closet!
Notice the lavender ceiling.
Notice in alot of the inspiration picts
 they have used loads of velvet in the rooms.
It just lends itself to the material.

I love how this purple velvet
pops off the white walls.
A more modern take on purple,
again with the velvet.
Only this time it is on a classic gold chesterfield,
and the purple is bright and bold behind it.

Looks so fresh and modern,
but still with a nod to the traditional.
If the weather stays like it has been around here.
I will be out planting that lavender before I know it!
Let the planing of the planting begin!

Monday, February 20, 2012


I do feature segments
twice a month for our local TV stations
on different lifestyle topics.
Sometimes, I remember to share them.
This is one of those times!
Click here for the one on organizing your home.

And here are some random pictures
of pretty and organized spaces.

All pictures from pinterest
Hope today is super productive!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day, Lovey.....

Happy Valentine's day, LOVEY!

Hope you all feel special and LOVED today.
I LOVE my readers and my customers,
and would LOVE to use this day to let you know!

We are having a LuLu's lottery even at LuLu's
today to celebrate Valentine's Day.

I will post pictures and tell you all about it.
It is so cute.
Who doesn't LOVE a scratch off, right?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Free Valentine printable....

FREE Valentine printable!
Go here to check it out....
Have a good today!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's to do.....

A few things I have done or
 I plan on doing this year for Valentine's day....

an apothecary jar turned  "Kiss" jar.
Adding a label to anything
makes it look so custom.
 paint swatch bookmarks for the girl's friends

re-use the milk bottles from Mogie's
 birthday party in three ways:

 serve the girls strawberry milk on Valentine's Day
 possible gift to hubby,
a love message in a bottle
 and fill them with some valentine candies
for friends and family.

I guess, I better get busy with all these big plans.

Friday, February 3, 2012

grey goodness.....

Another color that I am absolutely
crazy about is grey.

Check out these beautiful rooms
designed in grey....

I love this color.
looks like a grey with blue undertones.
I love the cow hide rug on the dark wood floor too.
this is a safe and soft grey.
Every color would look good
as an accent to this shade.
this porch is beyond yummy.
I love how they even painted
the woodwork grey.
love grey in the kitchen.
How great would this wall color
look with marble counter tops.
this kitchen would be great inspiration
for an out-dated kitchen.

Just take the door off the cabinets,
paint the bases grey,
and accessorize like crazy.
this looks like vacation to me.
and I am obsessed with stripes
used in different ways.
this dining room looks so rich, classic and elegant,
but modern because of the color pallet.
You can not top a Chesterfield sofa,
but one in grey velvet?
I am dying! 
Would love, love, love this!

Hope you enjoyed all the
 grey goodness
on this Friday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's choices, choices.....

 There are so many great ideas out there
of what to do for Valentine's Day exchanges.

And my girls have had some unbelievably cute ones.
But, the problem with that is what to do the next year.

So, here are some clever ideas we might use this year....

the boys in the class would love this one.

This would be fun for all,
but it does seem a little more time consuming
then the others.
This one looks the cheapest and easiest,
 but I am afraid the adorableness
of this will  be lost on the little ones.

I might however use this one
as the tag for my employee's
Valentine gifts.
I think this one is my favorite.
It is easy, includes a picture
and the kids will love the candy.

This just might be the winner.
I am thinking my oldest daughter
might like these for her
Jr. High friends.

Her Valentine can not be too
babyish of course.

This one is another one
that would be "cool" enough
actually, I think the term is now
"sick", but what ever.

Plus it would be so easy
and so cheap.

Which one do you think?
Or do you have something even
 more cleverer in mind?
Do share, do share....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Navy is no longer a maybe....


Ok, so I've decided
and navy is no longer a maybe.

I am definitely doing it!
Hopefully this weekend.
So, in honor of my decision,
I decided to share a few more of
the pictures that won me over...

I love how every style
 looks good with it.

and every color looks good with it....

Now, I just need this print
 to go over my couch
and I will be all set.

Even navy pillows look great!

and here is a more subtle way to
infuse the color.....
but not for me.....
I am jumping in all the way.

Now to the paint store
 to decide on my perfect shade.
Any suggestions?
Hopefully in the next week or so
I will have my own pictures to share!