Friday, March 30, 2012

bunnies in the kitchen.....

A few more bunnies popping up
around the cottage....
My vintage rabbits....
One is paper mache,
and one is a chalk figure.
They hang out in the kitchen.
Making sure all is well this Easter,
but not taking up too much valuable space.
Aren't they so sweet?
Easter is such a precious time for me.
Both in the sweet decor that comes with this time of year,
and in the true meaning of Easter.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

hippity-hoppity touches.....

Easter is just around the corner,
so I have added some little
bunny touches
 around the house......
a grassy moss bunny....
and a woodland bunny under a cloche....
I've got a few more Easter touches
to share tomorrow.
It is hard to believe
that it is already time for Easter!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I am showing my kitchen today.
I have tweaked some things here and there
sense I posted about it last.
Nothing major, just a little.
And, sense the kitchen is right off the family room
that I shared yesterday,
I thought this may be good to share next.

My collection of cutting boards
and trays behind the cook top....
My trusty postal scales
that keep my fresh fruit contained....
the view from the kitchen
into the family room....

I am still loving
my concrete counter tops.
I don't know if I will ever get tired of them...
I added a teeny-tiny touch of blue
in the kitchen to pull in the navy wall.
I didn't want too much blue,
just a hint.

Have a great today!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The navy wall....

I blogged here and here
about adding some navy in the house.

 Well, I did it!
{ok, hubby did it}

and here it is....
I LOVE it!!!

I used the same sofa and leather chairs,
and just switched the rug and coffee table
with the formal living room.
I bought one pillow with blue ikat fabric
to help pull it all together.
The other pillows still worked.
All the pictures, mirrors and shutters
are from around the house.
I just pulled them together and made a grouping.
I want to add more to the wall,
but that was all that I had in the house.
I will be on the look out for more.
It looks good with the
tan and ivory stripes
in the hallway.
see one of our Kittys June Carter
on the back of the chair?
Here is the other side of the room.
This is the chair I brought home
from the Nashville show.
It pulls the blue color to the other side of the room.
The entertainment center balances the dark leather
of the chairs on the opposite side of the room.
{watching a DVRed episode of Nate Burkus}
love the mix of the fabrics.
{Hubby is still trying to love it.}
It is bold and really makes a statement,
which is exactly what I wanted.
I couldn't be happier.
I love my new navy wall
and navy accessories!
If you are considering some color,
consider navy.
It is bold but also somehow still neutral.
P.S. today is my mom's birthday...
Happy birthday, Jetty Bean!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

the new stools....

The new stools in the house....
I am crazy about them.
As you can see they adjust up and down
for whatever height you need.

I snagged them up at world market.
I am crazy about that store.
They have all the latest trends
at half the price.
And when you change out as much as I do,
that is a MUST!

They are super sturdy and substantial.
I was worried that for the price
they may be flimsy and wobbly.
But I am VERY happy with how well made they are.

I couldn't recommend them more
if you are in the market for some new stools.
{I wasn't exactly what you would say in the market for new stools when I stumbled across these,
but once I saw them, I realized how I needed wanted to be in the market for stools,
and that the search was now over.}
I mixed them with one of the stools
I already had at the bar.
{being frugal and all}
I think they look great together.

I also think they look great against
the new navy in the family room!

I promise to share pictures asap
 of the whole navy room.
I couldn't be happier with the end result.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my new mail box....

My new mail box!!!
I ordered it from, where else,
Pottery Barn.

Here is hubby installing it for me
{in the dark, because I was so excited to get it up}
It was no small feat because our home is stone.
Unfortunately we had to move it from
the right side to the left side because
it did not fit on the right.

It never crossed my mind to measure,
or that one side of the door to the shutter
is smaller than the other.

The problem with that is,
 I have been completely and totally spoiled
to getting my mail by sticking my head out the door
and reaching over.
Even if that means in my pajamas,
in the rain or snow.
Now, I have to walk out the door and around
to the mailbox.
Believe me when I say,
I will still be getting the mail in my pjs.

Looks good anyway though.
And after all, that's the most important thing, right?

The next step....
changing out the light fixtures!

Here are the replacements....

They are on back order until July.
I can't wait!

Here is a picture from pottery barn of the mailbox.
Ironically, this is also the color and style of siding that
I want to replace the siding on my sun room with.
I think it is called shake, maybe?
Not sure on that one.

I think it will look great with the stone house.

So much to do as usual!
One of these days it will all get done, right?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nashville Garden & Antique Show.....

Sorry that I have been MIA lately.
I go through spurts with everything,
and my blog is no exception.

I have tons to blog about though,
so hopefully I will be back on track.

I wanted to share some pictures of my
booth at the
Nashville Garden & Antique Show.

I had never done this show,
even though it is so close to me.
So, I wasn't sure what to expect.
They told me that I would be able to spread out.
So, I brought more than what I needed,
but when I got there, there was definitely no spreading.

Not a big deal,
but it was just a little tighter
than I prefer.
I will know what to expect next year!
All in all, it was a fun show.
I hope to do it again.

I ended up bringing one of the chairs below home.
Can you guess which one?
Looks fabulous in the newly updated family room!
It is shameful when you are
holding your breathe that something
won't sell so that you can bring it home!

Pictures of the chair in it's new home soon!
Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

St. Patrick's Day breakfast....

Here is a little head start on pinch proofing your St. Patty's Day morning.
Can you believe it is just around the corner?

{all pictures via pinterest}
On March 17th when all turns green for St. Patrick’s Day be pinch proof and at the ready with out pulling out the plastic green leprechaun hats this year. Here are a few examples of how to do just that with what most of us have: little time, little space, and a little budget.

Oh, the luck….
How easy is this? A breakfast cereal that all kids love dedicated to just this holiday, Lucky Charms! Take advantage of the ready made St. Patrick ’s Day breakfast, because let’s be honest, not all of us are lucky enough to have the time to whip up a big breakfast before we are racing out the door.

Next up, the milk, treat your self to a pack of Starbucks single serve coffees from the grocery, which is kind of like a pot of gold in and of itself to us busy moms. When empty {a day later in this house} clean the label off with warm soapy water and goo gone, add some milk with a few drops of green food coloring, mix together and drop a straw in. Wah-law, a breakfast fit for any lucky lad with little prep or money spent.

To personalize things and go just a pinch over the top of the Rainbow,
Print a note off of your computer letting them know how special they are.
You can serve the note up at breakfast or as a little surprise in their lunchbox or backpack.

Rainbow pancakes with a pot (ok, cup) o’syrup on the side…
Luckily, St. Patty’s day falls on Saturday this year. So, another great breakfast for those with the time to spare is the flap jack stack. Your family will think you are so talented when you whip up this super easy and surprisingly fast feast. {Given that you don’t burn them like I usually do, and then they all end up looking the same shade of brown, which I then call dark gold}

They are so simple to make. Just prepare your favorite pancake batter. Divide into several small bowls, add the food coloring, mix, and prepare as usual. Pour some syrup in a small bowl served up beside the stack. And there you have it. A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Not to mention, everything you need you probably already had in your pantry.

Not every holiday has to be over the top in order to celebrate it. Not many of us have the time or the budget to allow it. However, it is always so much fun to create memories and traditions with our families, and sometimes the “little things” end up feeling like the biggest. After all, aren’t we the luckiest of all to have someone we love enough to serve breakfast to? {Or in my case, someone’s who love me enough to eat the breakfast that I try serve up.}

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Feelin' a little special.....

Alicia over at
nominated little ol' me for a blog award,
so I wanted to give her a big
 THANK YOU for that.

I always love to get comments
or for someone to say
that they read my blog.
It makes me feel like the time I put into it
isn't a waste of time.
And that I am not typing something
that goes into blogland never to be seen again.

So imagine how I felt when Alicia
 nominated me for the
 Liebster Blog Love Award!
The Liebster Blog Love Award
 is given to smaller blogs with less than 200
 followers that deserve recognition.
How sweet is it that she thought of me?
Be sure and check her blog out here,
so she can feel the love right back!