Friday, October 29, 2010

A maw-ha-ha Halloween...

A Mwah~Ha~Ha Halloween
in a spooky stone cottage.
Come check it out if you dare...
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!
You can be as creepy and dark as you want to be,
and it just seems inspired...
I love making staying up late
and making the house look like a haunted mansion
while the girls are sleeping.
They think it is so much fun to walk around
and see what I have done in the night.
Ms. America 1913...
Spanish moss and crows go a long way for me.
I like things to look like they might have actually came out of an old haunted mansion.
painted black hydrangea...
I did not get any good picts of it,
but I also threw old white sheets on the sofa and two chairs
in the formal living room
to look like an abandoned old house.
Boo to you!
Happy Halloween!