Tuesday, January 31, 2012

to navy or not to navy.....

Hubby and I have plans to paint the family room,
living room and dining room.

So, I have been searching around the Internet,
Pinterest and blogs for inspiration.

Here are some photos that are swaying
me towards a navy wall....

 Maybe even do one accent wall...

I think my white couch
and leather chairs would pop
against the color.

How about a navy door?
I think it would look great on
my stone cottage,
but what color shutters?
Here is a reverse of my possible new
color scheme.
White walls and navy furniture....
It even looks good in a bathroom...
and on wood work....
So, what do you think
to navy, or not to navy?

Monday, January 30, 2012

pallet passion....

My passion for pallets is ever expanding,
and I can clearly see that I am not the only one.

Check out some of these clever ideas on how to use pallets....

How about a pallet back splash.

or a storage shelf in your pantry or kitchen

here is a cheap, simple cabinet
turned ultra chic
when covered with wood from a pallet.
runners covered with pallet wood.
How cheap and easy?
Even pallets turned into
a piece of furniture!
Just look at all that storage.

And this floor,
Don't even get me started on
how amazing this floor is!
I would love to have this bench
any where in home!
I desperately need a kitchen big enough
to house this pallet table as an island.

a pallet even looks good as a headboard.
And, which room could I line with pallet wood?
Is there anything that pallets can not do?
There are even more wonderful ideas out there
on how to use these super cheap and usually free pallets.
The question now is, where do I begin.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jem, Jem is excitement....

Here's a blast from the past
for this Friday....

Jem, Jem is excitement,
Jem, Jem is adventure.
fashion and fame
glory and glitter!

It was my absolute all time favorite show. 
I could not get enough of it.
Why don't they have quality programming like this
for out kids these days?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine garland....

I know that it is still January,
but my mind is already wandering to Valentine's Day.
So, I searched the Internet for some Valentine inspiration
and I found loads and loads of examples of
Valentine's Day garland.

I think I will make some garland this year for
the cottage and for the shop.

So, which ones do you think I should go for?
Which is your favorite?
Or, do you have an even better idea
 than these great ones from Pinterest?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

bottle drying rack, my way....

Old French bottle drying racks
are all the rage right now.

I'm sure you have seen them
over and over in your magazines
 and blogs you follow.

I thought I would share with you
my bottle drying rack, my way....
 I turned mine into a "plant stand"
for lack of a better term.
 I have old silver cream and sugars
housing different petite plants
hanging from the rack in my kitchen,
conveniently in front of the window
and next to the sink.
 I am in the process of collecting misters
to add to the display.
I have one clear glass one and
one metal one.
 I will be adding more cream and sugar
plant holders this Spring
to make a full, green, living statement.

 There are so many things
you can do with these racks
outside of the original intent.
What ways have you displayed yours?
Or if you have decided you can not
live without one for one more second,
then message me.
I have the small ones
(as shown)
and the large ones available.
Soon, very soon,
you will just be able to shop directly
 from my shop website.
I am so excited.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Time warp III....
Let me introduce you to Houzz.com

Yet another way to whittle away your time.

All the pictures below are from people I follow on houzz

Houzz is like an on line picture gallery
of all the houses you want to get inside to see.

You just type in your style and the room you want to see,
and wal-ah, there it is.
I love all the inspiration.
Come follow me here and check out all of those that I follow.

Monday, January 16, 2012

instagram time warp II....

Another addition to the time warp
also know as the Internet is...


You get to explore the lives
of other fantastically creative and interesting
people's lives through their photos.

You know what they say,
a picture is worth a thousand words....

It is such a great app.
Fast, simple, beautiful mobile photo sharing on your smart phone.
check it out here

Be prepared....
you will spend a crazy amount of time looking
at the amazing photos, but
you will walk away with amazing inspiration.