Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day...
It means different things to different people...
Across the US people celebrate it differently,
think of it differently,
and remember who it honors in different ways.
For me, I think of my hubby...
(He is the one on the left)
He is currently serving in Afghanistan.
As badly as we miss him & wish we could will him home,
we know that without men like him who have a heart of a warrior
and brave beyond measure
there would be no back yard bar-b-ques today,
no front porch sitting,
& no flags flying proudly as we celebrate this day
that honors the memory of those gone before him.
So, please if you get a chance, thank a veteran.... You have no idea what they give up for us.
Watching their children grow for a year only through pictures, Pillow talk with the wifey only through letters and staticy phone calls, Safe, warm dry beds and clothes. The list is endless.... Thank a soldier's spouse .... who stands by her man...alone. A woman who has to become a finance officer, taxi driver, gardener, disciplinarian, Santa, tooth fairy, Easter bunny and protection officer all at once, and then has to graciously give all the jobs back when the time comes. Thank a soldier's child .... who gives up daddy's hugs and kisses and being tucked in at night, the ritual of getting their little girl hair brushed by daddy's big, tough hands every night after a shower, rides on daddy's strong shoulders, and getting to hear their daddy tell them how pretty they look every morning.
The girls and I have our own personal hero,
our own defender,
our own hubby and daddy
who will be home to celebrate this day with us next year;
and believe me when I say, he will be thanked.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who says you can never go back home?

Who says you can never go back home?
I did it...
My two girls and I
spent the night with my
mom & dad
last night on a
spare of the moment whim...
It was so much fun...
The girls were giggling &
could not believe we were having
a sleep over with mommy staying too!
Normally, I take these opportunities,
& run with them for some alone or hubby time.
But, this time I stayed for the fun!
These pretty flowers were in my mom's garden
for us to enjoy while we were there.
I am not sure what they are called,
but they are a ground cover,
and so pretty!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day...

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovelies...
A picture of my mom holding me as a baby and her mother.
I could not have been blessed with a better mother.
I hope one day to be thought of like that by the girlies that made me a mom!
Thank you mom...

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Runaways....

I grew up in the 70's and 80's
the youngest of five daughters, that's right FIVE.
So, when I was growing up I STOOD* in the front seat next to my cool, older sisters
driving down the road listening and belting out the lyrics to Joan Jett, Heart, The Police, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, etc...
You get the idea.
So, needless to say I LUV, LUV, LUV me some
Joan Jett...
So, imagine my excitement when I found out they were making a movie
about her and the Blackhearts called the Runaways.
I can not wait to see this movie!
I am thinking this might be how I am going to spend my weekend.
So, for some bad-ass inspiration to get your weekend started right, check out:
*Disclaimer about the standing in the car driving down the road*
It was the 70's and 80's,
we did not know any better,
it was not illegal yet,
some of the best days of my life we spent standing up in that car,
and I am still here no worse for the wear to tell you the tale.
**I bet no bad ass Joan Jett would have worn a seat belt either back then! {wink}
***I, however, would these days, so please wear your seat belt. Save your bad ass self!
****No more swearing for a while I promise! {blush}

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kentucky Derby

When you were born & raised in Kentucky,
this is what the first Saturday in May means to you:
The thunder of the horses...
{You can literally feel the ground move under your feet as the horses run past} Mint Juleps made as pretty as possible...
BIG hats to go with BIG Southern personalities.
{The personalities get bigger & bigger with each mint Julep...}
The certainty that this will be the year that your trifecta will come in...
knowing that there is no greater thrill than the 1.25mile run. know as the Run for the Roses...
being able to call the most exciting two minutes in sports your own...