Sunday, January 30, 2011

a new look...

Yeah,  I am so excited!

I got a little face lift for my blog.

  It is amazing what a little nick and tuck can do!

Thank you Michelle with Shabby Creations

for your patient help!

Happy Sunday to you all!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

I am longing for some of this....
a little sunshine,
some pretty flowers, some fresh air,
weather warm enough to watch my children play outside,
warm enough for my doggies to run,
and warm enough to sit with hubby in the evenings to catch up.
Come on Spring...
get here already!
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper wreath project...

My paper wreath...
I love to decorate, but
I do not consider my self to be the
best craftier in town.
So, I was quite proud of myself when
I made this paper wreath
out of old book pages.
I just added this sign to it,
and I think it turned out lovely!
I am a little proud of myself.
However, I must say
that it was quite easy.
I still do not consider myself a
"crafty lady"
but at least I was able to tackle this project
and finish it without tears!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Longing for Spring...

Ok, while I am on the table scape kick,
I thought I would share my spring table...
again, same dishes, napkins, and silverware... I just added some twiggy greenery with little pink buds tied to the back of the chair,
a white Martha Stewart flat sheet for my table cloth
(I wish I could say it is a vintage flat sheet from the South of France,
but alas, it is not, so K-mart it is for me.)
some vintage blue jars
with the twiggy pink buds thrown in them,
and some linen I ripped into strips to tie
the silver ware and a twig together.
So effortless...
but boy does it make me long for Spring.
Especially, during these long, dreary January days.
I love all of the wrinkles in the sheet.
It makes the table scape look even more effortless.
I like for my guests to feel like my preparations took little effort.
That way they feel free to enjoy themselves,
and not worry about messing anything up.
And with a sheet,
I can literally throw it in the washer with some bleach,
and ta-da, ready to use again.
This spring I will keep the sheet and blue jars
out on my table to enjoy everyday.
They just make me smile...
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A romantic table scape for two...
this table has an old fashion love affair feel....
I used the same dishes, linens, and silverware
as in the previous post.
I just added pink depression glass,
an old music sheet of a love song
from a self-playing piano
as the table runner,
a crystal candelabra,
a bouquet of mini rose buds,
and an old valentine
that I framed and sat on an easel.
and of course hearts of every texture,
size, and color,
I used silver cracker trays
to hold the napkin and silverware.
It adds a little interest to the typical placesetting.
I love grand guestures of love,
so what better way to show how grand my love
is for my hubby than
an old fashioned romantic, candle-lit
dinner for two
on valentine's day at home?
So, that is how I plan on spending my Valentine's Day.
Cheers to you and your valentine.
May your love be grand year round!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A winter table scape...

It seems like winter will never end,

so instead of running away from it.

I am embracing it!

Here is my dining room table with a winter table scape.

I just used my everyday off-white dishes,

some white tulips, mercury glass,

flake snow, and ivory candles.I love the fresh look of the white tulips

with the flake snow.

Such a contrast,

but they work so well together! Pretty simple, but a big impact.

I put the napkin, and silverware in the wine glass
because I get so bored with the typical lay out. Don't let the winter keep you down! Set a lovely table and cheer up! Cheers lovelies!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I no longer be three, come celebrate with me...

My youngest daughter
Mary Morgen's 4th birthday celebration...
Her birthday is December 21st,
so it is hard to have birthday celebrations
with much of a theme other than Christmas.
However, I always try to deviate a little bit from Christmas
so that it actually feels like a real birthday party.
This year I just did pink and blue.
No theme, just a color scheme.
We had a sweet shop
that also doubled as the take-home favors.
"Mogie" as she is so lovingly called,
standing by all the goodies to gobble up.
We took picture of Mogie
with each of her guests in an empty frame.
I am going to use these for the thank you notes.
some of the guests creating...
big sister getting her face painted.
mirrored letters my oldest daughter
put on the floor for the bean bag toss game.
Mogie getting ready to play the bean bag toss game.
I made cones out of scrap book paper
for the kids to fill up at the "Sweet Shoppe"
Mogie on her special day,
in her special crown, made by
my special friend.
the pom-pom balls
that hung from the dining chandelier
the tall towering cupcakes....
a glitter sign that reads
"Mogie and ME"
the invitation...
the beverages served were
pink french lemonade and blue bottled water
the gumball guessing game...
more of the sweet shoppe...
I did not get a picture,
but at the end of the party
when the guests were leaving,
we ties little notes to their wrists
like a bracelet that read:
"How sweet it is
to celebrate this birthday with you." the calm of the table before the storm of creating!
Mogie getting her face painted!
blowing out the candles...
Happy Birthday little one!