Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family room...

Some updated pictures of my family room...
A slip covered sofa in a white duct fabric...
A coffee table that is identical to the one in restoration hardware for $1300.
I scored mine for $250!
I actually gave it a hug when I got it in my house.
I love it that much!
I am LOVING a cottage, coastal, farmhouse look right now.
I think the sofa and the coffee table translate themselves into all three looks.
The shells on the table have a special meaning.
My hubby and I found them all on vacation in Sanibel.
The painting over my sofa cost me a break-the-bank $2.50.
All I did was paint the frame.
I love the look of the old used oar above it.
I will post more shots of this room soon...


Vintage Junky said...

Your living room is positively dreamy! love your table!!

Shannon said...

Totally understand the hugging of cart. Have been spying one from "NapaStyle" for over a year. If one ever made it in my house, I would have to grab blankie and take nap on it to let for the first afternoon. Love, love, Love it!!! I love your style. Cottage-Coastal-Farmhouse!!