Tuesday, May 1, 2012


See my new desk behind this sofa?

I used to have a zinc console table behind it,
but it was only for looks and not functional.
That just doesn't work in this little cottage.

So, I replaced it with this desk looks good,
and is super functional too.
There are two pull out sides on either side
for when those projects get too big....
I love the cross leg design,
and that there is a place for me
to prop my feet up on
when sitting down and working....
and of course the desk drawer
 that is already full of junk.
Looks pretty, but works hard too.
That's just how it has to be in the cottage.
By the way, I have even used this desk
as a make shift dining room table addition.

I hosted my mom's birthday party
at my house, and with a family as big as mine,
the dining room table doesn't even
come close to seating everyone.

So, I pulled it out from the couch,
put chairs all around, added a table runner
and some gorgeous flowers,
and wah-lah a dining table to boot,
and room for everyone to sit!
I'm not kidding when I say
in this cottage you can't just be pretty,
you have to be versatile too.
And this desk definitely meets that criteria.

Happy Tuesday!