Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I know that Easter is well over.
The baskets and bunnies have been stored away.
The eggs have been found and eaten....
....but I am just now getting around to
sharing my Easter picts with you.
As I posted in an earlier entry,
My hubby was able to be home with us for Easter
before returning to Afghanistan.
Such a blessing to wake up on Easter morning with my whole family,
To be able to worship in church with my whole family,
To eat Easter dinner with my whole family,
To celebrate a holiday with my whole family.
The Easter bunny brought my girls sock monkeys.
They were named Oso and Alley Easter morning bed heads...
The Easter egg hunt after Easter dinner
at my mom and dad's house.
My mom and Mary-Morgen hunting.
We started out calling my mom "Grandmother".
Of course little children have a hard time pronouncing grandmother,
so in an attempt at saying grandmother
my youngest daughter started calling her "Mugga".
So now, she is mugga to all grand and great grand children.
My nephew Ben on the hunt ....
Katie on the hunt...
Mary-Morgen on the hunt...
I love how Mary-Morgen looks like an Easter egg in her dress.
notice the pink Chuck Taylor high-tops with the dress.
my dad with Ben on the hunt...
My father also started out as "Grandfather"
and the same attempt made by the same little girl
lead to "FaFa".
Needless to say he is now known as fafa
to all grand and great grandchildren.
by the way my mom told me that they
found an egg yesterday that never got found.
{we use real eggs, so you can imagine the smell, at least in was outside}
part of the family in my mom's back yard on the hunt ...
could not take enough pictures this day....
Such precious memories,
made even more precious with hubby home.

Happy Spring!

He is risen!


Martha said...

What a wonderful Easter and how wonderful and beautiful it was for you all to be together and enjoy such a wonderful day!!! Everyone looks so good and enjoying the day:)

Jeanneoli said...

What sweet photos. Looks like a great day!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Your girls' dresses are both so cute! Lovely pics. I just love Easter. And this year was extra great because the weather was so nice!

karen said...

Your Easter pictures are wonderful. So glad your whole family was together. I know what you mean about not being able to stop taking pictures--we took tons of pictures also. I met Mary-Morgan in LuLu's on Monday! What a delightful girl! I bought the little child's rocker by the counter and she was so sad that I almost changed my mind. She told her Aunt Patsy that she thought the chair was there for her to sit in when she came to the store. I told her that I needed her to sit in it so I could see if it was the right size for my grand daughter, Because she was about the same age and size! As we talked I learned that Mary-Morgan and Rheanna had a lot in common. Mary-Morgan's birthday is Dec. 21 and Rheanna Marie's birthday is Jan.7 so they are only days apart in age. Both of them have a form of Mary in their name. They have the same color hair and eyes. Rheanna's soon to be born sister will be named Cynthia Morgan. I tols Mary-Morgan I would send her a picture of Rheanna and the only way I could figure out how to so that was to use Rheanna as my profile picture. It has taken me two days to try to get this done because I am so technically challenged! I hope I can get this to go through tonight!

karen said...

I almost forgot. Thank you for the Gift Certificate. I picked it up on Saturday. There were so many things that I liked in the store that I could not decide what to use it for. I will be back soon to use it. I still cannot believe that I won. I am looking forward to the opening of Little LuLu's. Maybe Rheanna and Mary-Morgan can meet one day. She lives in Ohio and I do not get to see her very often. My son--Her father is a chef and he works every holiday! Thanks again, Karen Wells