Friday, April 9, 2010

Flea Market Style

I have not been to blogville for a while because
I have been on vacation with my hubby and girls.
I will be blogging about that soon,
but I had to blog about this first.
While we were in Hot Springs, NC
enjoying no cell phone service or Internet and each other,
I picked up a few magazines to kick back with.
One of those was the new Flea Market style.
And I am irrevocably addicted!
I am sure most of you savvy shoppers have already purchased this edition,
but if any of you have not....CHECK OUT THIS JEWEL!
My heart was palpitating at all the ideas and inspiration!
You should see my new "To Do" and "To Get" lists
Still kicking myself about not purchasing this magazine the second it hit the shelves!
And for anyone who is questioning the $10 price tag as I did....
trust me, soooo worth it!
Unfortunately for hubby, I think I have decided on a couple of new collections to hunt for.
Not replacing any old collections, mind you...
So, read on sister salvage sleuths, read on!


Morning T said...

Hi Liz- so glad you visited me today so that I could find you! It took me awhile to find Flea Market Style but I finally did a few weeks ago and you're right, it did not disappoint!
Off to check out more of your lovely blog.

Jeanneoli said...

I thought they did a wonderful job too!! You asked on my blog where I got my ruffle is made by me and is available (at times) in my shop.

Liz Bradley said...

I found it in your shop, and prchased it! I am now waiting for excitedly for it!