Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a slice of life at LuLu's...

 I thought I would share with you
a slice of life at LuLu's
 with my kooky-crazy employees....

 These ladies are one-of-a-kinds,
and help make the LuLu's shopping experience
as pleasurable and memorable as it can be.
These are some of the hardest working gals I know, 
and I could not do what I do with out them.
 I guess you could say that they
and my family are the wind beneath my wings.

Wow, where did all that sap come from?

 I really do love these incredible ladies!
You can imagine how much fun we all have together!
 Don't take my word for it though,
Come to LuLu's and see for yourself what
a fun afternoon with us is like!
If you don't live close. 
Check out our website here.
You will soon be able to shop from the website as well!


Ido said...

Definitely you guys have fun together! I'm excited to hear you will have a webstore, can't wait!