Thursday, November 24, 2011

fall fashions....

I think Fall is my favorite
 time of year for fashions. 
I am sure it has everything nothing
to do with the fact
that Fall clothing makes it easier to
 hide what needs hiding.
Either way, it is my favorite.

So, I thought I would share what I am currently obsessing over.....

Loads and loads of layered jewelry....
Statement necklaces piled on top of statement necklaces.
Statement bracelets piled on top of statement bracelet. 
The more the merrier this season for me.
The boyfriend loafer....
Nothing can replace the knee high boot
for me, but if I have to
give the boots a day off,
this is what I am heading for.
grey cardigans....
 with absolutely
anything and everything.
I wear mine pretty much every day.
I am really loving them in every color.
I even think they are flattering in
the horizontal stripe thanks to my
handy, dandy grey cardigan.
(or any color for that matter)

mixing grey with brown....
another look I am loving right now.
My two favorite neutrals together!
Flannel shirts....
So comfy and so chic now.
Thank you!

I have a pair of black Hunters,
but I wouldn't mind having this pair either.
I'm thinking Christmas present.
Boot socks....
I wear these on a daily basis.
With dresses and boots,
jeans and boots,
 leggings and boots.
They also help with warmth when the days get colder.

Now you know what I am wearing these days.
Happy Thanksgiving!