Monday, November 28, 2011

French trunk....

My new, old coffee table...
a French trunk
 I actually bought it to sell in the shop,
had a change of heart,
gave it to my mom,
had a change of heart,
asked for it back.
 before you decide I am a bad daughter,
let me just say that we switch stuff up all the time,
and truth be told, more goes her way than mine.
So, it's justified....right?
I  love the old labels and stickers on the side...
 ...and the label that says
Paris, France

I like the bark brown
 in the room against all the whites.
Gives a little contrast.
I know I just posted on this room,
but if it wasn't already obvious....
I change things around sometimes a lot constantly.

Hubby loves hates this part of living life in the cottage.


time worn interiors said...

Great trunk! Did you find that in Glendale?