Saturday, February 25, 2012

lavender love...

I have been on a color kick lately.
{I painted the family room navy}
{{picts coming soon!}}

I am starting to think about Spring
and plants and our back yard entertaining area.

So, I naturally started thinking about lavender.
It is one of my favorite plants,
and since we put a fence in this winter
I will have to plant some of it by the garden gates.

Then I started thinking about
lavender in the home.

I have never used it inside.
But after checking out some
of these interiors I can see why some people do!
I love it when people paint the wood work
the same bold color as the walls.
Purple is the color of royalty.
And this lounge screams royal luxury.
Doesn't this look like the way
a French apartment bedroom
would be decorated?
I want NEED this closet!
Notice the lavender ceiling.
Notice in alot of the inspiration picts
 they have used loads of velvet in the rooms.
It just lends itself to the material.

I love how this purple velvet
pops off the white walls.
A more modern take on purple,
again with the velvet.
Only this time it is on a classic gold chesterfield,
and the purple is bright and bold behind it.

Looks so fresh and modern,
but still with a nod to the traditional.
If the weather stays like it has been around here.
I will be out planting that lavender before I know it!
Let the planing of the planting begin!