Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's choices, choices.....

 There are so many great ideas out there
of what to do for Valentine's Day exchanges.

And my girls have had some unbelievably cute ones.
But, the problem with that is what to do the next year.

So, here are some clever ideas we might use this year....

the boys in the class would love this one.

This would be fun for all,
but it does seem a little more time consuming
then the others.
This one looks the cheapest and easiest,
 but I am afraid the adorableness
of this will  be lost on the little ones.

I might however use this one
as the tag for my employee's
Valentine gifts.
I think this one is my favorite.
It is easy, includes a picture
and the kids will love the candy.

This just might be the winner.
I am thinking my oldest daughter
might like these for her
Jr. High friends.

Her Valentine can not be too
babyish of course.

This one is another one
that would be "cool" enough
actually, I think the term is now
"sick", but what ever.

Plus it would be so easy
and so cheap.

Which one do you think?
Or do you have something even
 more cleverer in mind?
Do share, do share....