Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photo Envy

Ok, let me begin by saying that I have total photography talent envy.
I have one of those fancy-smancy cameras that makes me look like I really know how to take some rockin' pictures,
but as with all technology, I refuse to read the manual...
Therefore, I really only know how to point and shoot, and what is captured is left up to chance.
I was actually quite proud when I learned how to
zoom in and out after a month of use.
Yeah, it is that fancy-smancy that even zoom took figuring out.
So, even with me lugging my bells and whistles around my pictures come out looking like the ones my hubby takes with his phone.
Well, I can tell you with all certainty that this guy HAS read the manual to his fancy-smancy camera and he DOES know how to use his bells and whistles. I mean REALLY knows how to use them. These are pictures of my girly-girls playing and jumping and just being themselves at home. I love the idea of lifestyle photography.... It is so laid back and relaxed. It is real. I mean, when you look at the posed, professional photo of the whole fan-dam dressed alike with the pasted on perma-grin if you are the mother in the group all you can think about is ... all the time it took to pick out the matching clothes in a color that would look good on everyone, and that everyone would be willing to wear without pulling too many teeth. (some teeth are ok) The stress of making it to the studio on time with teeth brushed, hair combed, wrinkle free, trying to hide the tears that have run down the toddlers face because it just happens to be the one day that she missed her nap in three weeks and everything is causing a melt down. Trying to remain calm when the photographer tells you to "act like you like each other!" When you know that hubby left you inside the house to fin for yourself with the curling iron that just happens to have a long cord, a 6 year old, a toddler and two dogs while he patiently waited in the car all while honking in two minute intervals. Oh, and you had to apply your make up in the car on the ride to the studio, so you did not notice the foundation was not all the way rubbed in on the left cheek, until you went to look at the proofs. Fuming that no one bothered to tell you. And even if the only other two adults at the shoot were men, you are quite certain that it was noticeable if it showed up in the proofs! Well, no more for me thank you..... I am taking the easier road of my own back yard, a chair from my own bedroom pulled outside last minute, uncoiffed hair, and shoeless sister love. This guy, Jonathon Campbell has shown me the light, and I am never going to the dark side again. Best photo shoot ever.
Heck, I wouldn't even call it a shoot, more like a photo hug.
Ok, Ok, enough of that. I know.
I mean look at these pictures.....
Would you rather have these memories,
or the memories of the afore mentioned story?These pictures made me consider reading fancy's manual....
(I said consider)
Yep, photo talent envy! And photo talent LOVE!
Check Jonathan out at his website