Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cloche Encounters

I am a collector.
I love the thrill of the hunt, and I love new and creative ways to display my collections.
So, in my quest to marry my collections to displays I fell truly, madly, deeply in love with all that is cloche.
Here are just a few that make my heart skip a beat! Can you even imagine going to a tag sale in the french countryside, and walking up to this? Hows about a metal cloche?
If I had a green house, I think I would love the idea of green glass in my green house. Celebrating all that my green thumb could do! Alas, I do not have a green house, I do not have green glass, and I certainly do not have a green thumb.
I know it is not even near Christmas, and the last thing we want to think about is decorating for said holiday, but holy holiday this is a great grouping of cloches.
I love the idea of growing a garden and rushing out before a frost to cover my plants with my collection of cloches. Hey, wait a minute the cloche was not supposed to become a collection, but a way to display an existing collection. How did that happen? Oh yeah, I am a collector, and it is just part of my nature that can not possibly be helped.
How about a little funky modern to the mix!
Such a modern twist on an old faithful!
no need for words here....
Did I mention I collect old scales for my kitchen?
How about a little Asian twist on the cloche?
I am a shoppe keeper, so this just tickled my fancy as a great way to display the candles we sell.
So sweet when paired with a desert pedestal....
Did I mention that I collect old clocks?
I would love this on my dining table for Spring. Notice the mushrooms. A great alternative to the expected flower.I think this is my favorite of all.
LOVE this industrial look paired with the architectural pieces and again with my old clock collection.
I feel an office make-over coming on!


Morning T said...

I have a ♥ for cloches too! My house is too tiny to have very many and right now I only have two.
Great images and inspiration here. Guess I'll keep adding to my collection. I adore your kitchen scales by the way.