Sunday, February 28, 2010

Etsy on my mind...

Etsy on my mind....
So, it is a lazy Sunday afternoon,
and I have spent mine moving furniture and accessories around my house.
Which, of course,
leads to editing some things out
and the need for replacements.
And, since it is Sunday and all my local haunts (including my shoppe)
are closed today (I live in the south).
I got on line
All of the photos on today's blog are from Etsy sellers.
I mean look at these treasures that are to be had out in cyberland....
Don't they just make your toes curl?
And your heart skip a beat?
And your mind race with ideas?
And while nothing can compete with fresh air,
and girlfriends on a Saturday morning
hot on the trail of a collection and laughter on their lips...
it is good to know that Etsy
and all of its talented keepers are there
on a rainy day,
when you just can not get out of your pajamas,
when you have a napping child,
or your inspiration comes at 12:36am
So, check out Etsy today.
As if you probably haven't already!
but remember....
There is no place like home,
and no website will ever be better than the local shoppe keepers hard work.
( After all, I am one of those keepers)
The seller featured are:
luckyolivervintage, oldcrowfarm, dogsbodydalvage, Eclecticpelican, parcel1, thefrenchnestco, salinascraftroom, kgentinella, herroyalfatness, satisfind, newberrycottage, luxedeluxe, karmatrice, & a bushelandapeck