Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a new home for an old piece...

A new home for a few things...
I brought this old display case
from my shop to be the new home for my TV
in our family room off of the kitchen.
It is so old.
It has been used as a store display case
for decades in the same location
until the other day when I brought it home.
There is actually a mate to this one that still lives in my shop at LuLu's.
Can you imagine how incredible
it would be to have room to house two of these?
I can just picture them on either side of a fireplace.
Or side by side in a large living room.
Or on two opposing walls in a dining room loaded with white ironstone dishes.
I am loving all the storage it provides.
I am trying to pace myself on filling them all up.
Believe me, I could have done that the day I got it home.
I was so excited for days
when we finally made the determination
that at long last it would be part of our home.
It was not easy getting it out of my full shop
and into our small stone cottage,
but now it looks like it belongs here.
As much as it belonged in my shop all those years.
I look at it, and I still can not believe it is finally home!
In MY home.
Such a lucky girl am I!


Vintage Junky said...

oh I love it!! have fun with those drawers!!

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

I heart those drawers!! That piece is beyond incredible. You are so lucky!


Lissa said...

yes you are a lucky girl as it is indeed fabulous. And all that storage!

Jennifer Rizzo said...

That piece is AWESOME!!!!!