Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dishing it out...

Well, I am dishing it out,
now let's see if I can take it!
I have got my Holiday dishes out.
I use them for Thanksgiving
and Christmas.
Actually I will use them way into January.
They are Johnson Bros.
"Friendly Village"
I love how cozy and welcoming they look.
Now if I can just make the food that I prepare
for them look welcoming, I will be all set.
That may very well be an impossible task for me!
Make the house look festive...check
Make the food tasty...uuummm,
I prefer to say, "check please."
Ready or not Thanksgiving dinner,
here I come!


{the vintage wren} said...

Ooh, I love your dishes. I'm a tad jealous, My collection isn't quite there yet...I love the Old Mill pattern, but most of them are on my dining room walls right now. I better get to collecting ; ). Yours are so pretty, what a fun time to be able to get them out and use them. Hugs-Carrie

Emilie M. Paper's said...

Thank you for stopping over to my blog and leaving me a comment.Hope your Thanksgivivng was a wonderful one.
Emilie M.