Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Longing for Spring...

Ok, while I am on the table scape kick,
I thought I would share my spring table...
again, same dishes, napkins, and silverware... I just added some twiggy greenery with little pink buds tied to the back of the chair,
a white Martha Stewart flat sheet for my table cloth
(I wish I could say it is a vintage flat sheet from the South of France,
but alas, it is not, so K-mart it is for me.)
some vintage blue jars
with the twiggy pink buds thrown in them,
and some linen I ripped into strips to tie
the silver ware and a twig together.
So effortless...
but boy does it make me long for Spring.
Especially, during these long, dreary January days.
I love all of the wrinkles in the sheet.
It makes the table scape look even more effortless.
I like for my guests to feel like my preparations took little effort.
That way they feel free to enjoy themselves,
and not worry about messing anything up.
And with a sheet,
I can literally throw it in the washer with some bleach,
and ta-da, ready to use again.
This spring I will keep the sheet and blue jars
out on my table to enjoy everyday.
They just make me smile...
Happy Tuesday!


Morning T said...

It all looks fabulous and I love your blue jars.

Tina said...

Your table setting is beautiful! I love the simplicity and those blue jars are just gorgeous!! Hope you have a wonderful day ~ Tina x