Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A winter table scape...

It seems like winter will never end,

so instead of running away from it.

I am embracing it!

Here is my dining room table with a winter table scape.

I just used my everyday off-white dishes,

some white tulips, mercury glass,

flake snow, and ivory candles.I love the fresh look of the white tulips

with the flake snow.

Such a contrast,

but they work so well together! Pretty simple, but a big impact.

I put the napkin, and silverware in the wine glass
because I get so bored with the typical lay out. Don't let the winter keep you down! Set a lovely table and cheer up! Cheers lovelies!


FinsFan said...

This is absolutely beautiful !! I hope your guests/family always appreciate dining at your table!

FinsFan said...

PS-if we ever get to Bowling Green, we'll definitely visit your store!