Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper wreath project...

My paper wreath...
I love to decorate, but
I do not consider my self to be the
best craftier in town.
So, I was quite proud of myself when
I made this paper wreath
out of old book pages.
I just added this sign to it,
and I think it turned out lovely!
I am a little proud of myself.
However, I must say
that it was quite easy.
I still do not consider myself a
"crafty lady"
but at least I was able to tackle this project
and finish it without tears!


Anonymous said...

Hello! THis is Adorable...I love using book pages....basically anything with text on it does it for me! yummy!

I popped on over here from a comment you left on another blog. You were there because of having read her article on Somerset magazine..and so was I.....!!! so here I am now following you! and I'd love to personally invite you over to visit with me and my little part of this grand digital world of bliss!

see you soon!
ciao bella!