Wednesday, June 8, 2011

4th of July inspiration...

I have pulled all the Independence day decorations down from
storage, and I am getting ready to turn the cottage into a patriotic paradise.

I wanted a little inspiration,
so I got online, and
I thought I would share with you what I found...

Old homes draped in flags and bunting
scream 4th of July to me....
I adore this paper banner above.

and this outdoor farm setting
with the American flag as a back drop is priceless...

And finally, all the lanterns with the American flag, perfection.
I am feeling the inspiration!
Off I go, to get busy...


Ido said...

Hello Liz,
I like the last picture. Every year I put my 4th of July decorations on the front porch, I don't have many, but they bring a patriotic atmosphere, I'm loving the lantern idea and I have quite a few, will have to take them out pretty soon.
Have a great day decorating!

Pam said...

How charming! I love the bunting cascading from the eaves. And the lantern/flag display. Good work!