Monday, June 13, 2011

white floors....

My latest and greatest obsession...


I mean just look at how they make a room
look instantly cool, calm and clean.
{these images found here}

They go with any style decor,
and they make color just pop.
{view this image here}

{view this image here}

They are even able to bring this Versace style
down a notch or two, to make it
a livable interior.
{view this image here}

and of course, my favorite way to pair it,
with a shabby chic, cottage style.
{view this image here }

These floors take the cake though.
I love how they embraced the timeworn floor that
was there before.
{view this image here }
 {view this image here }
I have been mentioning the whole white floor thing to Hubby lately.
Our floors are in desperate need to refinishing,
but it would be SO much easier to paint them .

Needless to say,
he has not yet bought into the idea.

Working on that though....


Ido said...

Ohhh, let us know if you paint your floor and how it turns out!

Leah - The Inside Story said...

Hi Liz, I have white painted floors throughout my home and I love them. The amount of light they reflect is beautiful. They do get dirty easily though and scratched, but it's the price you pay if you love the overall effect. I think the more scratches gives it a nice worn in look. Have a lovely day! Leahx