Thursday, June 30, 2011

What every Southern woman knows about gardening....

What every Southern woman knows about gardening, and what every woman ought to know....

 Every Southern woman likes to fancy herself a gardener. Whether she is just an expert on the subject and tends no garden at home (but to hear her talk, you would think differently), or if it is actually her husband that makes the gardens grow (but she takes all the credit when someone comes to visit), or if she is the president of the garden club and the envy of every member, the bottom line is that Southern women love to garden.

Now as we all know, Southern ladies have a certain way of doing just about everything. Gardening is no exception. Luckily, I have been given permission by the Southern Ladies Garden Society of KIA (know it all) to divulge some of the secrets.

First of all, as with absolutely everything in a southern woman's life, it all comes back to a wedding.
Think of the old tradition: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
The something old: Every garden must have a "start" from a plant that has been around for ages. It could be a plant that came from where you grew up or a seedling from a beautiful plantation. Just as long as you have something old that you can tell the history.
The something new: A garden is always in a state of change. A gardener is constantly adding new to the beauty and bounty of her land. Sometimes it is a new bush and sometimes it is an architectural element, but new change is always a constant.
The something borrowed: Now this is that part that most of you will not know about, as it is not openly talked about. However, it is an intricate part of the Southern garden. You must have at least one plant that you attained through "questionable measures". If you see a lady's back side stuck in the air, once the sun has completely set, at a home that is not her own, you can be sure that she is "acquiring by questionable measures" the gardenias that she has been eying. Or if you come home from vacation and your neighbor tells you she has been looking after your gardens for you while you were gone (even though you didn't ask her to), check your peonies, its a sure bet some is missing.
The something blue: Last but not least, the you must have some lavender for good health, lilacs for peace of mind, and hydrangeas for bouquets to take inside.

So there you have it, a Southern gardeners guide to a proper garden. Go forth and create a garden to rival any other. You are, after all, now equipped with with the insider information. Happy Gardening escapades!


Ido said...

Well said! Love all those pictures Liz!

time worn interiors said...

Lovely gardens! I want one so bad!