Monday, June 6, 2011

a table moved....

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while....
My computer got stepped on, dropped, tossed, _________
{add your own guess}
by the "ididntdoitmusthavebeenher trolls"
The screen now looks like a lava lamp.

I am hoping it can be repaired.
For now I am using hubby's laptop.
It feels strange not to have my old faithful.

Any who,
I wanted to show you a table that I moved a corner
in my dining room...

I love the mix of a shabby old table
elevated by throwing some crystal candelabras on it.
This is the caddy that I move in and outside
for outdoor dining.
It is filled with old ball jars
that hold utensils....
and then finally,
a pair of old shutters behind everything
to fill the corner....

This is what the table used to look like,
before it got a fresh coat of paint
and a new location....

You can click here to see what landed in the spot
that this got stolen from....
Have a great Monday!


Ido said...

I love those shutters and the caddy with the mason jars, the corner looks great.

time worn interiors said...

love your new vignette.