Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a Chippy Chest...

A chippy chest for a corner in the cottage...
the picture below is what used to be there....

but we never used it as a desk,
and it just cramped the space.
So, I changed it to just a table with no chair
and painted it white.
It still was just not right for the space,
so when I saw the chippy chest,
I knew it had to be mine.
{Hubby actually spotted and picked this one out}
{{So there was no begging asking for help to move it!}}
It fits the place so much better.
Just a few inches smaller both ways,
but it makes such a difference.
Not to mention,
It looks so good with the old chippy oar
that hangs above a picture in my family room over the sofa.
There ya' have it...
a chippy chest for a corner in the cottage.

Happy Day, ya'll!


Ido said...

That chippy chest is very pretty and looks great in that corner. I received my book yesterday, thank you soooo much, I love that book, I can't wait to have the time to cuddle in a sofa and devour it, thank you for the chocolates too they're yummy, how did you know I love chocolates? well, who doesn't. Thank you so much for everything, I will do a post showing my book and my chocolates, what's left of them that is.
Have a great day!