Wednesday, May 4, 2011

burlap face lift...

As I mentioned in this post
I gave my windows a face lift for the Spring....

They went from dark brown
double panel silk window treatments
to single panel burlap treatments.
They really opened up the space,
and let the light shine in.
And that is soooo what
 I am in the mood for these days.

Doesn't that just look so inviting?
It makes every day seem like a sun shinny day,
even though we have had like 36 straight days of rain.
{that may have been a slight exaggeration}
{{but not much of one}}
Here's to some sunshine!!!


Ido said...

Love burlap, I have burlap treatments in my family room, it's inexpensive and makes a big difference.
Have a nice and sunny day!

time worn interiors said...

I am sick of the rain to! We are desperately trying to get things done and loaded to leave Saturday for Brimfield! It's not all gonna be done, but we will just go with what we have!

I love the burlap curtains! Did you make them or are they store bought? If they are store bought where did you find them?

And I never have heard anymore about the house you guys were looking at! Did you get it?


Roxie Tenner said...

Your house feels so homey and refreshing! I love your window treatments; they added beauty to your interior design! It’s simple but it fits perfectly your room. Would you agree if I say that I think it even made your room look new?

-Roxie Tenner

Katie Nicoll said...

Perfect! I love the window treatment! Your room definitely jived with the essence of spring: renewal, rebirth, and growth. =)

Alejamuel Sultz said...

Very refreshing! The window type and the window treatment you really made the room brighter! As far as I can you’re your window really lets in a lot of sunlight. Indeed, it looks very inviting and welcoming! Good job, Liz. =)

Ronald Miller said...

We have that same window style in our house too! Isn’t it perfect! I love the overall appeal of your room; it’s inviting, refreshing and just so homey! It must be all because of your windows.

-Ronald Miller