Friday, May 20, 2011

what I drug home...

Remember when I posted about
what I drug home in this post?

well, here it is...
a huge 12' ladder!
It was sitting out on the side of the road....
Someone was actually getting rid of it!
SHOCKING, I know....
I thought I would clean it up and take it in to the shop to sell,
but it looks sooooo good leaned up against this old tree
that I think it will be staying as long as I can keep hubby talked into it.

You should have seen hubby's face on this one.
He could NOT believe that this had found its way to the cottage,
but once I propped it up,
I think he actually liked it.
So, hopefully it can stay.
If not, it will be at LuLu's for sale!


Ido said...

Oh, I love ladders, I have one for my display at craft shows, and when not at craft shows, she is in my library. It looks good resting on that tree!