Friday, May 27, 2011

The Covington Cottage...

I thought I would share with you what the front of the cottage looks like....
I always love to see the front of homes and full room views,
but no one ever really shows that.
So, I thought I would start with the front of ours...
We have lived here for over 10 years...
We have some plans in the works for it.
Our master bedroom suite, office and library
{I use that word library loosely} are all upstairs,
but there are only two windows up there.

I love natural sunlight.
So, it drives me CRAZY that there are not more windows.
We would like to add three dormer windows on the front of the house.
and maybe even a walk out deck with french doors.
Alas, all of that costs mega bucks,
so the plans wait for now.
I'm hoping to save up enough to get started in a year,
so cross my fingers and say a prayer!

And there ya have it....
The Cottage on Covington.

Have a great weekend!
We will be at a Loretta Lynn concert tomorrow night.
My 11 year old daughter adores her,
and I call that being raised right!


Ido said...

What a beautiful home you have, I'm really loving the pink mailbox, stands out beautifully!
Have a great weekend!