Monday, January 30, 2012

pallet passion....

My passion for pallets is ever expanding,
and I can clearly see that I am not the only one.

Check out some of these clever ideas on how to use pallets....

How about a pallet back splash.

or a storage shelf in your pantry or kitchen

here is a cheap, simple cabinet
turned ultra chic
when covered with wood from a pallet.
runners covered with pallet wood.
How cheap and easy?
Even pallets turned into
a piece of furniture!
Just look at all that storage.

And this floor,
Don't even get me started on
how amazing this floor is!
I would love to have this bench
any where in home!
I desperately need a kitchen big enough
to house this pallet table as an island.

a pallet even looks good as a headboard.
And, which room could I line with pallet wood?
Is there anything that pallets can not do?
There are even more wonderful ideas out there
on how to use these super cheap and usually free pallets.
The question now is, where do I begin.