Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Will you keep yours?

For some of you,
you may think it is odd
that I am just now bringing up resolutions.

However, for me,
resolutions start after my birthday
not on the 1st.

It is just more realistic for me than the first.
Not to mention I don't have to deal with
the crowd at the gym by the middle of January.

So my question is, 
Do you actually keep your resolutions?
If you slip up once do you quit?
Or do you get back on the wagon?

I am claiming 2012, my 35th year as MY year.
I am bound and determined to make some changes this year.
I have a resolution list a mile long.

Do I think I will knock every single one out of the field?
No, but I believe in the old saying, 
shoot for the moon and you'll land on a star.
So that is what I am shooting for. 

So, here's to keeping yours
and to changes at the next exit!