Wednesday, January 18, 2012

bottle drying rack, my way....

Old French bottle drying racks
are all the rage right now.

I'm sure you have seen them
over and over in your magazines
 and blogs you follow.

I thought I would share with you
my bottle drying rack, my way....
 I turned mine into a "plant stand"
for lack of a better term.
 I have old silver cream and sugars
housing different petite plants
hanging from the rack in my kitchen,
conveniently in front of the window
and next to the sink.
 I am in the process of collecting misters
to add to the display.
I have one clear glass one and
one metal one.
 I will be adding more cream and sugar
plant holders this Spring
to make a full, green, living statement.

 There are so many things
you can do with these racks
outside of the original intent.
What ways have you displayed yours?
Or if you have decided you can not
live without one for one more second,
then message me.
I have the small ones
(as shown)
and the large ones available.
Soon, very soon,
you will just be able to shop directly
 from my shop website.
I am so excited.