Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the beginnings of our veggie garden....

I mentioned last Thursday on
hubby's birthday that we were
building raised veggie gardens this year.
Happy Birthday to us both!

So, I thought I would share with you
 how they are coming along...

I wish I had gotten a picture of the soil
and railroad ties before they
were placed and filled.

I was at work when they were delivered,
and this is where hubby had gotten with
it all when I got home.
Pretty amazing considering
that the ties weighed 250lbs. each
and the soil was a mini mountain.
I helped finish them off,
but all the credit goes to hubby for these.
I am so excited about them.
Who's birthday was it again?
Here is what we did on Sunday....
Everything is planted, labeled, watered
and ready for the growth to begin.
We are taking major precautions this year
to keep the animals out.
{ours and wild}
Last year, we grew great and glorious veggies,
just to have them all eaten by 
the little woodland creatures in our yard
 and our dogs.

So, we have planted marigolds around the perimeter,
put up metal fencing, and my hair dresser
is saving some hair for us to sprinkle around.
Hopefully, that will all be enough.
I love how I can see the rows
where we planted the seeds.
They were a lot of work,
but now that they are here
we will always have them,
and next year it will not be nearly
as much labor.
Now, we just need for everything to sprout!
Grow baby, grow!


luci wallis said...

That is a great idea.. using railroad ties. I built one last year and that is about as far as I got..