Tuesday, April 3, 2012

rag and bone.....

I have to share my
planner no, make that my life line with y'all.
It is one of the best that I have ever had.
And I have had a LOT of planners, organizers,
 calendars and the likes in my life.
You might even say I am addicted to them.

The planner is from rag and bone bindery
This is the best bindery company I have found.
I have gotten my address book, baby albums
and all of my photo albums from them.
They are classic and so well made.
I feel like it is a little investment in
the things I will keep forever.
here is an inside look at the calendar.
It is the format that I like.
I need to see a week at a time
and room to schedule all my appointments.

It comes with some blank pages for notes
but not nearly enough for someone like me
who is a perpetual list maker.
So, I bought some cheap extras from Staples
and added them to it.
I also bought these Martha Stewart dividers
from Staples to customize it even more.
This is the pattern for my address book,
the pewter crosshatch.
I love how it coordinates with my planners fabric, optic.
Don't ya just love it when stuff coordinates,
but isn't too matchy-matchy?

And here is my next fabric purchase with them,
the celery crosshatch.
I'm thinking customized recipe book.
What do you think?
Time to check my life line and
get started with my perpetual list!
Have a Happy Tuesday!