Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wheat grass.....

I wanted to share with you this great post
on how to grow wheat grass for Easter * spring

She says:
Sprouting wheat grass is super easy.

1. Gather some wheat kernels
(I used hard red wheat)
or go to your local health food store and
tell them you want to sprout wheat grass
and they should point you in the right direction.

Soak them in water overnight.

2. Sprinkle over soil in containers and
 lightly kind of mix it in,
but you don’t want them covered with dirt.
Spray water daily to keep moist.
 Mine was pretty sparse last year,
so I layed it on thick this time and
was much happier with the results.

3. Watch it grow!!
 Mine has been growing for 2 weeks and
 I’ve already given 2 haircuts.

These are tins from Target Dollar Spot:

4. If it starts looking limp, water.
An Easter basket in the kitchen for spring:
5. Cut it with scissors if you want to.
It smells so good when it is being cut!
 Just like a freshly mowed lawn in the summer…

Happy grass growin’!