Monday, April 23, 2012

cottage exterior....

These are some picts of the front
of our little stone cottage.

We put down pine needles this year
instead of mulch, and let me
tell you that we will always do the
pine needles from now on.

They were about 1/10th the cost of
the mulch and took about 1/10th of the
time to put it out.
And I think they look even better
than the mulch!

It is hard to see what a difference
they make since I don't have any
before pictures, but they really did
make a big difference.

We decided to try these topiaries
in the front planters
this year instead of the big ferns
that we normally do.
They were more expensive than
the ferns, but considering that we
have to replace the ferns
year after year, I think these will
actually end up saving us money in the long run.

aaahhh, the stone cottage on Covington
that I call home.
I just love it.

Happy Monday, ya'll!