Thursday, April 19, 2012

the new tree house....

I am sharing today
another one of hubby's projects....

a two story tree house,
featuring an out-look porch,
a rock wall and a rappel rope.

He is such a rock-star
 to the girls right now.
You can see the work in progress...
Hubby and Katie built this tree house together in two days.
I think that is quite impressive.
Here is the rock wall and rappel side.
They are debating adding a slide on this side as well
onto the first floor platform.
You can also see the bucket they rigged up
for getting their goodies up and down.
Can you spy one of our hounds in the picture?
The dogs keep checking the bucket to see if there
is anything they need in it,
but there never is.
Here it is with some left over
and salvaged pieces from the yard for decoration.
The size of the pieces are actually
perfect for the size of the house.
I love that my girls instinctively think know that furniture alone
is not enough and that they think know
that they need a centerpiece for their table.
You know the old saying about the apple and the tree....

The girls have already divided it up.
Katie and her friends hang out on the second floor
and Mogie and her friends hang out on the first floor.
{for the most part, that is, there are still some turf wars being waged}

To be honest, the second floor was added
after I got home from work
and saw how high the top floor was.
It made me too nervous to have my little one
up that high, and I knew she would
not be able to resist it.
So, the second floor addition was built.
This did not help anything.
She still goes up there
even though she has a floor to herself,
and to top it all off, she glides up there
 faster and easier than anyone else.
What is a mother to do?

So, there it is, tree house Bradley!
There are still some touches here and there
that need to be added,
but for the most part it is
ready to go, and definitely
ready to be played in!
I am loving all these projects getting done!
What will I come home to next?