Monday, April 2, 2012

a new chandelier for the dining room.....

The new chandelier
in our dining room....
it is driftwood with a
grey patina and
metal accents...
I sell this light fixture in my shop,
and it looked so good,
I thought I needed to
bring one home as well.

These are all night time shots of the light.
I need to get some day time shots of it
to really show it off.
I was unable to depart with the
chandelier that hung there for the 11 years
that we have lived in the cottage,
so I moved it to LuLu's for permanent residency.
As much as I change up,
it might reappear in 11 more years.


Santiago Mills said...

I’m lovin’ the idea that its bottom isn’t too far from the surface of the table. It is impressive despite the typical height standard we have in hanging chandeliers. So, do you have a different stock of this in your shop? :) You might not have intended it, but this is a really good promotion. ;]