Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The best things in life ARE free!

Who says that the best things in life aren't free?
Well, not me!
Check out these cool give-aways from these cool blogs:
From vintage junky, a pillow that I absolutely adore.
In fact, I ordered it this morning from her on Etsy before it became a give-away.
But, one more sure wouldn't hurt.
She also has a OOAK pitcher to give.
From a Beach Cottage,
a subscription to Australia's County Living magazine.
I looked into subscribing to this magazine a couple of weeks ago, but to receive it in the states was nearly $200, so needless to say, my heart had to go on wanting. Until possibly now!
Just so we are clear, I am sharing this give-away with you all that I have been longing for, so if one of you wins it, be prepared to share. And I do mean without all the fabulous pages torn out for filing away as a must do someday! Oh yeah, I know ALL about that! Two more of my favorite giveaways: What is funny about this one is, don't you remember needing to jot something down so badly, and no paper in sight. Not to mention a pen. Or when you so desperately need to get rid of that old gum, but your momma taught you better than to just spit it out! Well, how excited would you have been to stumble onto one of these at just the right time?
...and what a great promotion!
Free air guitars....
Watch out Tom Cruise, I am picking mine up tomorrow.
Economy, you affect me not!
For I am getting all my good stuff free!
Happy Thursday, ya'll!


Vintage Junky said...

Hi! I just popped over to say thanks for the mention, and the purchase and the flattery. Your blog is lovely. I read alot and see many of the same photos, but you have found some that I just haven't seen before. Those metal cloches are swoony. It seems that we have similar tastes... love your little etsy collection too.

Smiles~ Michelle

Liz Bradley said...

Thank you for your kind words and for becoming a follower. I look forward to my pillow! Pictures of my house are coming soon...
Hopefully, it will make it to its new home in time for the post!