Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ironic Clock Obsession...

So, while some of you may be starting to think that I have an obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to collecting things, objects, junk, or what have you.Others already know it.

You may have heard me mention the clock collection... But, what is so ironic about this collection is that I am never on time. No, I mean NEVER.
It drives the hubby bananas.
It drives the whole fam bananas. They don' t mention it, but I am sure it drives my employees bananas.
I mean no disrespect by it. I am just so busy that I try to squeeze one more thing in. I try to cross one more thing off of the two page to-do list.
You may think it ironic that I collect clocks like I do...
You may think how can she always be late with all of those clocks around....
Well, here is that part that truly represents me.
Not the collection of clocks itself, but the fact that none of them have batteries, and none of them are set to any specific time.
That way, no matter what, I am always on time.
At lease according to one of my clocks.
So, have a good morning ladies.
Or is that a good night.
You can't tell by the clocks in this house!