Sunday, March 14, 2010


So, the latest of the lates of my obsessive obsessions
just happens to come in the form of a silhouette.
I am wanting to use these all over my house!
These can be left hanging forever, and have a classic appeal
the senior picture left hanging even when said senior is now 46 with a high schooler of her own.
(just not the same affect)
Love them in groupings,
love them alone.
Love them in frames,
or directly on the wall.
My mind is racing with ideas to use them in entertaining!
I want to have a garden party just to use them.
And if you know me, you know I probably will.
Sorry to the hubby.
Remember the little mention that I collect vintage jewelry?
Well, I think getting me a couple of these to layer would actually be saving money.
Ya' know, two for one!
Again, sorry to the hubby.
A modern twist.
Aahhh, but the classic. Perfection.
This is actually making me drool. Actually!
I am so hopelessly obsessed with the silhouette
that even the logo for one of my shoppes Little LuLu's is a child's silhouette.
I know, being obsessive is not always a good thing, but I only pick out the good things to be obsessed about, so ya' know, it makes it all good.