Saturday, March 27, 2010

Napa Style...

Nappa Style...
I adore this catalog and on-line shoppe.
Thought I would share it with you.
How yummy is this french wine crate used as a side table.
This is so "office", but for the kitchen.
I love anything that is used in a different way then it was intended.
I use one of these old bathtub feet as a paper weight in my office
So much texture.
Heck of a coffee table,
comments on this piece would be endless.
These pendant lights just leave me speechless.
I think I have to have these just so
that I can host a cookies and milk party for the girls.
I would use these stools inside and out.
This is a spoon chandelier.
How fun is this?
Love anything with a religious icon,
and the fact that they are candles
just make them even more desirable to me.
I want this by every sink in my house!
This tray makes me long for muddy boots to slide off and stick inside.
Always love a demijohn
These inspire me to go to a yard sale or flea market
and buy every old drawer I can get my hands on.
Adore these plant markers.
It truly is all about the details.
So creative.
This site just really gets my mind reeling
with ideas to go out and be creative on my own,
and a good source when you just want it already!