Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cottage Kitchen

I thought I should post some pictures of my little ole home, so that you could get a feel of me.
I am starting with the heart of the home...the kitchen.
Not that the appliances, save the microwave, get that much attention.
But some how it is the hub.
This is one of the two cow paintings in my kitchen.
I have mad cow love.
Actually, I love just about anything that could be found on a farm.
I love this mug. I found it at a local junk store for a dime.
Yes, I did say a dime!
My canisters that sit on the island.
And yes, I did drink the wine that went to all of those corks.
I am just proud that it is only a little more than half full, and not overflowing!
watering the teachers "Spring is Sprung" gift in the farm sink.
I do not think I got any good shots of the counter tops,
but they are concrete.
The color is called Guinness
because if you look at it one way it looks black,
and from a different angle it looks brown.
Kinda like the beer.
I absolutely love them.
The Juice-O-Ma-tic
Love the old chippy look and the industrial feel.
Old Fashioned candy in Ball jars on the bar.
The front of the piece of furniture that I use in the kitchen for my island.
So unusual and unexpected, and has loads of storage to boot!
Close ups of the labels for my apothecary canisters.
This window looks into the sun room.
Our little milking stool that the
"Baby Bradley"
uses to get the goods from the cabinets.
Notice my chevron pattern floor cloth.
One of my extremely talented friends made that for me in exchange for a little table.
Better shot of my island.
I smile every time I look at it.
My dogs bowls.
Rough is the one napping in the chair and Ready is the one getting a drink.
Together they are Rough and Ready,
and let me tell you they are two Walker Coon Hounds that live up to their names!
Love my old metal yard stick.
I collect old scales.
I am using these two for my cookbooks.
I use the cookbooks to support the dust that they collect.
My most favorite of all favorites.
An old chippy, rusty, industrial scale.
So, there ya' go. A little bit of me. More to come...


Dear Lillie said...

You have a beautiful kitchen!

Liz Bradley said...

Thank you! I wish I was more talented in the picture taking department, but at least I am able to download now! Trust me, big improvement!

Morning T said...

OK Liz- After seeing all of your wine corks I know I love you already. :)
Your kitchen island is fabulous and we too have the dog bowls at one end of our little island.
I'll be copying all of the cute labels you made for your canisters.