Saturday, February 19, 2011

Could this be for me?
My hubby and I
went and looked at this house today...
It is not exactly my typical type of house.
I usually prefer small cozy cottage homes
(maybe because that is all I can usually afford)
But this is actually in our budget.
I am not even believing that!
But then for my hubby and I to go look at it
and both of us like it?
Well that is just unheard of!
There would definitely be a lot of changes,
but the bones are so great
it makes me want to actually
dive in and do it!
So with out further adieu,
here she is...

Ok, so what do you think?
Can you see past that floral sofa
and dated kitchen like I can?
I guess only time will tell
if this is supposed to usher in the next
decade of our life together
(we have been in our current house for 10 years!)
or if it is meant to belong to some other lucky family.
It will take a lot of talking,
and praying,
but I know that God will lead us in the right direction.
Oh, and PS.  think of all the great posts
I would have on the remodel and the move in!


Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Liz, that looks like a fabulous house. I love the staircase and what looks like a sunroom! Best of luck getting it!

Love of the Sea said...

It looks like it has amazing potential. What a great staircase...and i love the brick!! I hope it works out for you!

time worn interiors said...

Oh, I hope everything works out and you get the house! I think it is spectacular!

michelle said...

Hi Liz! That house is beautiful! It really has so much potential! It looks pretty open and the windows in the fourth picture are gorgeous, all that sunlight! I hope things go your way! Love your blog too and thank you for coming over to introduce yourself! Love your style and I am a new follower! :)